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 Mario Splendore was born in the small town of Udine in northeastern Italy in 1973. In 1991, he entered the Parma School of Violin Making with enthusiasm for four years, (one of the three most important piano schools in Italy), and studied under Renato Scrollavezza. Worked in the teacher's studio for more than two years and was hired as a substitute teacher for the Parma School of Violin Making for three years, mainly teaching woodworking and paint. In 2001, he left school and opened his own studio in Vincenza. His paint is very elegant and crystal clear. His piano has obvious signs. His wood comes from ancient Bosnia and the Dolomites in northern Italy. He uses textures. The hardest and most flexible material is used as the panel, and the high-altitude hard material is used as the bottom plate. His headpiece is very elegant. In 2005, he continued to study advanced production methods at the GREGG ALF master studio in Venice. In 2006, he He won the first prize at the Bologna Violin Expo in Italy. He refused the invitation of the Bologna Violin Making School. He worked alone, with no apprentices or helpers. Each of the musical instruments he made was a unique existence and exquisite work of art. His works are regarded as the silky voice glands like a girl, with the appearance of aristocratic temperament, very graceful and luxurious. The cello he currently uses is certified by a professional organization, and he uses materials that have been used for hundreds of years. At present, he has one of the few pianos in Asia. It has high market value and collection value and is sought after by European, Japanese and Korean musicians. It is difficult to find a piano and is very noble.


POP CELLO  Individual  1 to 1 


👩‍🏫 Individual - ONE to ONE class
     Popular Music Specialty 

♨️ Music sheet Provided, Piano Accomp., Duet, etc..

🛕 Causeway Bay HK
👍 Enjoyable

     FEE:$3800 / 10 lessons (45 mins.) * up to intermediate

             $5800 / 10 lessons (45 mins.) * up to recital level

Perfect ; Despacito ; Let it go ; La la land ; Fade ; Numb ;
My heart will go on ; Beaty and the beast ; A Thousand years ;
A whole new world ; Canon in D ; Salut d' amour ;

     ....... we have a lot more.


 Rent out Lease out

🔆 Free Rental for 3 months with the Lessons  🔆


Then 💲250/💲350/💲450/💲550   
* Depends Cello


🔄 Rental to purchase new cello (3 years)

✅ Full set accessories (bag, bow, rosin, tuner and stopper)

✅ Carbon fiber case or Protective Bag
* Depends Cello

✅ We support :
📲 Online technical 
🧰 Warranty maintenance 🚐 Delivery 
🏠 Home patrice 🛄 Flight carry


Konrad Recital Cello #335h

Davidoff 1712

🔥 User rated the highest

Master production! Master class

CELLO! The best cello!

♨10 years of comprehensive warranty 🎻 TOP: Italian spruce

Backboard/Side: Bosnian Maple @


📍Italian Oily Paint 🛑



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Cello for examination
Performance Cello
Orchestra Cello
Recital Cello

​Concert Grand Cello

Opening Hours
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday (13:00-21:00)  
Saturday (11:00-19:00)
Sunday (11:00-19:00)

9th Floor, Golden Goose Commercial Building, 438 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
(Near Times Square / opposite to the fire station)
9/F, Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
(Close to Time Square) (Opposite Fire Station)

Tel: 2573 9198/9098 2681

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