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Cello Violin Piano Theory
Causeway Bay 
g Sha Wan

➡️One to one $275  *45 minutes

 ALL AGE FROM 6 to 80

💓Instruments provided in class,

no need to bring it.

We have more than 30 years of teaching experience!

Senior orchestra instructors!

👀 Look at our classroom


新一年 試學 大提琴  免費租琴回家 


Flexible Schedule

Individual One to One 

 ⭕Causeway Bay⭕Cheung Sha Wan

(45 minutes)

💓We use recital cello for free in class
💓You can also FREE rental for home


Beginner level $395 class

Level 3-4 $565 class

Level 5-6 $735 class

Level 7-8 $975 class

👀 Look at our classroom

POP CELLO  Individual  1 to 1 

✅ Learn the cello well, have posture and practice.

✅ Play Chinese and foreign classics and popular songs.

♨️ Provide all kinds of music scores, piano accompaniment, double cello, etc.

👍 Classes in Causeway Bay  👍 Class at Cheung Sha Wan


  $1900/five lessons (45 minutes)  *Beginner to Intermediate  

  $2900/five lessons (45 minutes)  *Intermediate to advanced

🎉 We have many good cellos.

✅Play the cello well in class, no need to bring it.

👍 There are also a lot of popular music scores.


Perfect; Despacito; Let it go; La la land; Fade; Numb;
My heart will go on; Beaty and the beast; A Thousand years;
A whole new world; Canon in D; Salut d'amour;

   ....... we have a lot more.

​     There is more and better...



💓Feel Fantastic 
💖Enjoy Life
💕Learn Easily

♨️Italy master cello use for class
♨️Lectures by Senior instructors of the orchestra
♨️Provide variety of music scores

🆓Rent-free borrowing the cello to home
🈶Rent a room to practice $150/30 minutes

👩‍🏫Individual one-to-one lectures 

Beginner $450 lesson

Intermediate $750 lesson

Advanced class $950 lesson


Exam & Competition Course

♨️Use the best cello in class  ♨️Senior orchestra tutor to teach  ♨️Provide variety of music scores

🆓Rent-free borrowing the cello to home   👩‍🏫Individual one-to-one lectures
   Beginner $450 lesson   Intermediate $750 lesson   Advanced $950 lesson

Little Cellist Violinist

Achievement cellist violinist   Enjoy good music

▶️For children from two to six years old

💪Enhanced instructional teaching mode

💯Use high-quality instruments

✅Enjoy unlimited music

$1800/4 lessons
45 minutes

✅ First trial class $450

👍One-on-one more focused

👩‍🦱 Senior Tutor of Teaching Diploma


Cello Course

Want to learn the cello: Borrow the cello for free and practice home  (Free of first month rent)

Individual one-to-one lessons on cello

(Free cello classes are provided, no need to bring a cello, convenient and comfortable!)  


Individual cello lesson (45 minutes)

Cello Individual Lesson (45 / mins)

Grade 1 $275

Grade 2 $330

Grade 3 $390

Grade 4 $460

Grade 5 $530

Grade 6 $600

Grade 7 $670

Grade 8 $740

ATCL / ARSM $1200


We have good tutors! Use for good instruments in class!

You don’t need to bring CELLO  @Convenient and easy

    Borrow a cello for free to go home!  INCLUDED bag/carbon fiber box; bow; rosin and accessories

🎻Cello cello
Rent Lease



🔆Monthly Rental 💲350 up   
* Depends on Cello

🔄 Rental exchange tuition or purchase new cello *1st pay

✅ Full set accessories (bag, bow, rosin, tuner and stopper)

✅ Carbon fiber case or Protective Bag
* Depends Cello

✅ We support :
📲 Online technical 
🧰 Warranty maintenance 🚐 Delivery 
🏠 Home patrice 🛄 Flight carry

​Class Centre

Contact  contact us

Opening Hours
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday (13:00-21:00)  
Saturday (11:00-19:00)
Sunday (11:00-19:00)

9th Floor, Golden Goose Commercial Building, 438 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
(Near Times Square / opposite to the fire station)
9/F, Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
(Close to Time Square) (Opposite Fire Station)

Tel: 2573 9198/9098 2681

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9/F, Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438 Hennessy Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
(Close to Time Square) (Opposite Fire Station)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday (13:00-21:00) 
Saturday (11:00-19:00)
Sunday (11:00-19:00)

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Tel: 2573 9198/9098 2681

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Flat 05, 11/F, Hang Pont Commercial Building, 31 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.
(Close to Time Square) (Opposite Heep Woh School)

Teaching Center-Please make an appointment

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Tel: 2573 9198/9098 2681

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